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Loro Parque Tenerife Spain

Loro Parque Tenerife 1

Loro Parque Tenerife is a Theme Park and zoo located in Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain. It houses an extensive and diverse reserve of animal and plant species. The Park is famous for it’s many Parrots which you can view and enjoy as you move around the Park, but it’s also sanctuary for …

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Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar 2

Rock of Gibraltar is a 426-metres high hard mass of Limestone which is located in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, off the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and is linked to Spain by a narrow isthmus. The Rock has played a massive …

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Toledo Spain Historical City

Toledo Spain 8

Toledo Spain city is famous for its greatest wealth of monuments, located on a mountaintop in central Spain, 70 km south of Madrid. It is called “the City of the Three Cultures”, because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries. Synagogues, mosques and churches stand together in Toledo’s historic quarter, …

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Cordoba Mosque Spain

Cordoba Mosque 7

Cordoba Mosque is one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled on Spain. This well-known mosque was built in the 10th century during the rule of Abd-ar-Rahman III, who was one of the most prominent rulers in the history of Islam. At this time Córdoba was the largest, …

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Bay of Biscay – Valley of Death

Bay of Biscay 1

Bay of Biscay is a gulf of the northeast Atlantic Ocean located in the northern coast of Spain and the western coast of France and is named after the Spanish province of Biscay. The bay is noted for its sudden, severe storms and its strong currents. The rocky northeastern and southern coasts …

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Sierra Nevada Spain

Sierra Nevada Spain 9

Sierra Nevada Spain is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, provinces of Granada and Almería in Spain. The Sierra Nevada Mountains range contains some of the most beautiful landscapes to be found anywhere in the world. Sierra Nevada Spain is a popular tourist destination, as its high peaks make skiing …

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Montserrat Spain

Montserrat Spain 10

Montserrat Spain is a mountain top monastery in Catalonia, Spain. It is a spectacular 1236m-high mountain of strangely rounded rock pillars, shaped by wind, rain and frost. Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain located near the city of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. Montserrat Monastery is very popular among Catalans, and Catholic pilgrims come …

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