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Hashima Island: Ghost Island Japan

Hashima Island is abandoned place in Japan which called Ghost Island or Gunkanjima (meaning Battleship Island). Hashima lies in the East China Sea some 15 kilometers from Nagasaki. During the industrial revolution in Japan Mitsubishi bought the island in 1890 to extracting coal from undersea mines. They built Japan’s first 9 stories high large concrete building and also built apartments for workers. Concrete was specifically used to protect against typhoon destruction. The island became home to 5,000 residents with miners and their families lived on the island.


As petroleum replaced coal in Japan in the 1960s, Japan began to close all coal mines, so the same happened with this. Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine in 1974, and today Hashima Island show a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, with empty streets and dilapidated buildings and an dead silence. After 35 years of closure, travel to Hashima was re-opened on April 22, 2009. Now the island is open to tourists, and everyone can visit the abandoned theaters, cinemas, shops, buildings and other objects on it.

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Hashima Island Photos


Image By: Stefan the Cameraman


Image By: Robert Styppa


Image By: Stefan the Cameraman


Image By: Stefan the Cameraman


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Image By: Stefan the Cameraman


Image By: Kevin Dooley


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Image By: Stefan the Cameraman


Image By: Nemo’s great uncle


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